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Welcome to the Ghana Initiative for Valued Education web site.
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GIVE (Ghana Initiative for Valued Education) started with the grass roots efforts of one individual who quickly found others who wanted to help. The results are a testament to the notion that a few like minded individuals can make a significant difference in people's lives. GIVE has focused on accomplishing two primary objectives in Ghana, West Africa; fund the construction of classrooms and provide academic scholarships. While we have received corporate support, the majority of our funding is from individual donors and proceeds from our annual benefit which includes a silent auction. We are successful because we are frugal with our donations and a GIVE representative works directly on-site with contractors and educational professionals to ensure our funds are spent wisely. All GIVE positions are voluntary and there are no GIVE funds used for travel or other personal expenses.

Mission Statement: 
Ghana Initiative for Valued Education is a secular 501 (c) (3) non-profit which provides educational opportunities for children in Ghana, West Africa. Founded in 2006, we are a volunteer organization with no paid staff or expense accounts. All donations are applied to the construction of classrooms and scholarships awards.


GIVE 2013-14 Scholarship Recipients from the Covenant Academy located in La, a community in the capital Accra. This is our second year to award scholarships to students of the Covenant Academy. They are a very enthusiastic group of students with a dedicated faculty and staff. GO ROYALS!!!


GIVE 2013-14 Scholarship Recipients in Ada Foah. The scholarship program was hosted by the Ada Foah Methodist church. Pictured at left in the front row wearing a red GIVE shirt is board member Martha Offeibea. Two rows behind Martha also in a red GIVE shirt is Dickson Agyeman, Senior Officer with the Ghana Wildlife Division. Ada Foah is one of our most successful scholarship programs due in large part to our assistance from Dickson and his team.

GIVE awarded 85 scholarships for 2013-14.
GIVE scholarship recipient and board member Emmanuel Tobiah awarding a 2013-14 scholarship.

Since starting the GIVE Scholarship Program in 2010, we have awarded 333 scholarships ranging from elementary school to university.

Please get in touch to learn more about GIVE and find out how you can help.

Providing Educational Opportunities for Ghana's Children. Please Donate Now!

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